Friday, July 08, 2011

Upgrade continues 7/8

I've started remounting and re-rigging the gear. The Lectro Venues have moved up a space, giving enough room for a new set of 5" monitors. The recorder platform will go right above the new Metric Halo Mobile I/O which is acting as my ADAT to analog D/A converter.

The recorder platform will hold the new DEVA 16 and the Sound Devices 702T back up recorder. I'll mount the Rollogic remote controller directly behind the 2 recorders.

On the side I have mounted the TV tuners for when I can't connect to Video Village via CAT5. They act as my back up video assist.

On the back of the rack, I have an accessory shelf for IFB transmitters, antenna amplifiers, power distro, 2 video baluns and a cellular modem WiFi access point. The 2 CAT5 baluns are for Video Village and for send and return from the playback rig.

I've added a Remote Audio Shunt Box in line of my inverter to be able to remotely turn it on and off as well as monitor the battery level and amp load of the AC/DC inverter system. I have 2 batteries on board, one for the DC gear, and one for the inverter which powers the AC gear.

Thats where we are today. Thanks.


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Sound'r said...

Thanks for sharing! Really enjoy reading your blog as I'm looking into doing more location sound myself. Thanks!