Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Scouts went I've been on, very organized.  Production meeting was yesterday, quite good...2 hours.  We load the truck today, camera tests are tomorrow.  Last minutes on Friday.

Great group if people assembled for this project.  Looking forward to it, can't wait actually.  Great script...

Wished we had more time for shooting, but that's the project.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Location scouts begin today.  Looking forward to this project, though the 24P thing has really become a pain in the rear.  It has so many variables, simplicity is a thing of the past.  Camera will be working with the new Sony 5000 machine on location this time, I'll be feeding digital right to the machine.  They wanted me to run the machine but I turned that down.  The only drawback is that they will probaly use that track, even though they say they wont.  I'll do my deal, and see what happens.

My workflow will be: DEVA master (24 bit), DAT backup (16 bit), AES through the DAT to 5000 - channels 1 & 2.  I am treating the DAT and the 5000 as backup.  Sync will be from the DEVA via Lockits on all devices.  DEVA and DAT will be 29.97, cross jamming Lockits to 23.97.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Starting a new film next week: Rikers, with DL Hughley.  It's short project, mostly shooting in prison facilities...should be interesting.

My crew will be back with me for this one, Jeff Norton on boom and Jeff Zimmerman as utility.  I'm looking forward to getting everyone back together.

As per usual, I wanted to add something to my cart, and in the process have dismantled the whole thing.  I'm re-doing a few things that have been bugging me over the last few months.  I'm adding two Marshall 7" HD monitors right above the mixing panel.  It should be nice. 

Check back on the website in a couple of days for new pictures...

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Ho... Sorry it's been a while. We just got back from the summer, family visits around the country...very glad to be home.

Still doing day calls...Monk this week.

Just finished a very good book: The Zenith Angle, by Bruce Sterling. If you are any kind of geek, it's a must read. It will empower you. :)

I've got some updates to do on the gear, I've been daydreaming while ususal. The dual monitor thing has got to change a little. Also, the roll cage will be changing a bit. The barcode system will also be in place.

What to read next?