Saturday, August 17, 2013

Ok!  Well...pretty sad blogging on my part.  Here's a Season 5 Glee update....

We just started our new season and I've done quite a bit of re-jiggering of the cart.  Most notably, adding the Sound Devices PIX260i recorder into the rig.  I am using DANTE by Audinate as my interconnectivity between the Yamaha O1V96 and the PIX and DEVA.  I have replaced the AES card in the O1V with a DANTE card, giving me 16 channels of I/O over one CAT6 ethernet cable.  I am splitting out of the PIX with 8 channels of AES and 8 channels of analog to get into the DEVA16.  Both decks are recording redundant 16 channels from the Yamaha O1V.  The master TC clock for the both recorders is a new Denecke GR2.  The PIX can be controlled from either the deck directly or via a web interface called PIXNET, which you can see running on my laptop.  All parameters of the PIX are available via this interface.  I am running MovieSlate in my iPad, which handles all the sound reports.

I have also removed the Marshall analog video monitors and replaced them with a rack of 3 HD monitors made by TVLogic.  Wow, do these monitors look beautiful.

The rig has been running very nicely for 2 weeks now and I'm stoked to have moved into a different signal flow.  Something new always gets me excited.  Here is a picture of the new rig:

and the patch:

I'll try and be a little better at my posting...  Thanks for your continued support!