Saturday, February 21, 2004

We've had a week of tests with the new 24P format. Things went poorly in the beginning but got better as we realized the deck was bad at the post house. All if our stuff was fine. It caused a lot of anxiety, but all is good now. For those that may want a detailed list of the testing procedure and the results by the me via email and I'll get you the info. Email -

We start shooting on Monday bright and early. There are an enormous amount of visual effects in this production for such a short schedule...we'll see how it goes.

Many thanks to all the people I've called this past week for guidance and help...Dave F., Wolf S., Bill H.,Chris S., the techs at Plus 8, and all the guys over at Westwind. I really appreciate all the help.

I'll report the progress of the show as regularly as I can.

Thanks to all...

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Sorry it's been a while. We finished up Desert Greed...very dusty. I'll be cleaning my gear all weekend. Jason London finished up the show with a fine perfomance.

The next project is much more HD 24/P shoot for MGM. We are continuing the Species series of movies with Species 3. Jeff Norton and Jeff Zimmerman will be booming for me. I have no idea who is cast for this movie, but will very soon. We start shooting February 23 with camera tests next week.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.