Wednesday, August 02, 2006

We are a couple of weeks into the season of Jericho. The HD camera systems have gone through a bit of a change, we started with Fiber Optic links....and ditched them after 3 days. The Telecast system that we tried was definitely not ready for film style production. Too many variables and too delicate of a system to operate in the rough and tumble world of episodic television.

I have basically stayed the course, with recording master tracks on my DEVA...sending a mix track only to telecine. Backing that mix track up on a Sound Devices 702T, and burning a DVD-R at the end of every folder change on the DEVA. All DVD-RAM and DVD-R numbers remain consistent. All mix and iso tracks from the DEVA are dumped to an external hard drive, then sent to sound editorial at the end of every episode. Hope that made sense.

We are about halfway done with the second episode and all seems to be working smoothly. ;)

Very busy show, lots of moving around and hectic situations. Very different from my last project, Medium.

Patrick Martens and Jeff Zimmerman are my crew, and working quite well and hard. Doing a great job!