Saturday, June 25, 2005

A few weeks off and we will be back at it. Next week is the Monday Night Football opener shoot with Hank Williams, Jr....lot's of playback and cheerleaders.

Then, beginning July 12, we will begin shooting season 1 of Threshold for CBS. It's a Sci-Fi/thrill show that will air on Friday nights this coming fall season. I'm really excited about this show...great cast and a great story.

My crew will be the same as the last few projects, Jeff Norton on boom and Jeff Zimmerman as utility. I'm sure there will be many opportunities for others to join in, so I'll be calling my regulars. We are at Paramount for quite a bit on this, which is awesome. I get to finally get back to the gym!

We start in just a couple of weeks, so more later.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

We've finished filming Entourage, season 2. It was quite a wild 5 months of shooting, but we made it through. I can actually say that there are things that I did on this show that I thought I would never do. The scene at the Laker game was by far the wildest recording experience in quite some time.

This picture was taken by Jeff Graham, one of our camera assistants on the beach in Malibu. It was one of our last days of shooting. We had a big walk and talk down the beach. At the end I was able to put the rig was getting heavy.

The second season premieres tomorrow on HBO.

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