Wednesday, February 25, 2009

playback cart pic

Here's a quick iPhone picture of the playback cart in action today.

Using a Macbook with ProTools LE and an MBox mini.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Glee in production

We are into production of the first season of Glee for Fox Television.  Actual live blogging from the set right here...  I'm set up in one of our classrooms on our stages at Paramount.  Loving the sets that have been constructed.  We started work this past week and have already done several music numbers.  All great stuff so far...

Very happy with the playback setup that we have put together for the show.  For Glee, since we have so much playback and music, we have a playback rig permanently set up on the sound trailer.  The cart has a ProTools rig, mixer, speakers, and interconnectivity to my rig.  We can roll it out whenever we have music and it connects directly to me, or can operate independently.

I'll post some pictures soon...


Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Hello February

Now that the month of January has passed us by, it's time I wrote on my blog.

My crew and I are about to start production on the new Fox series Glee.  We will be filming mostly at Paramount, with some locations near the studios for our "out" days.  The new series is supposed to air with the final few episodes of American Idol.  So...hopefully, we will see some audience carry over from the Fox juggernaut.  

Lots of sound challenges on the new show including lots of playback and music recording.  Looking forward to the experience.

On the gear front, I've had all my radios that were in the blocks that the FCC has sold off changed and refrequencied to legal blocks.  This ended up costing me quite a bit, so I hope the results will be worth it.  I just didn't feel like dealing with it in the middle of a show, so now felt like a good time to switch over. 

The new utility cart ROCKS!  Thank you Brett.  He's built another one for Peter Devlin and he just started using it on his current film.  Peter is quite happy too.  Can't recommend the cart enough.

Need to purchase and stereo mic in the near future as well as an additional Comtek Base Station, for ear wigs.

First thing I'm buying is the new Sennheiser C5000 circularly polarized antenna.  Good reports all around, and the reality shows have been using them in their installations for a couple of years now.  I'm ready for one.

There's the update.