Monday, December 17, 2007

new follow cart for day calls

My dilemma: The follow and accessory cart that I have been using for the last couple of years is a rather huge, six drawered behemoth that has the nickname of "the bus". When doing day calls and commercials I have to use my GMC Safari van, which completely rules out it's use. I can't even get this cart through the back doors of the GMC, and even if I could kill me at any moment. In years past I have used a Rubbermaid cart fashioned with three drawers, hooks for the Rycotes, pole mounts, etc.

My mission is to make a vertical cart into a usable accessory and follow cart. Haven't seen anything that I like in this realm, so it's a good project. I've got lots of time thanks to the WGA strike, and several carts to steal parts from in the garage. It will be a recycle project as well... More to come.


Sunday, December 16, 2007

strike movement??

A couple of things have happened in the last days that show some positive movement in the continuing WGA strike. First, welcome to the Directors. It seems the DGA is not thrilled with the continued effect the strike is having on it's members, and has chosen to begin its negotiations in January regardless of the status of the WGA situation. This has the effect of saying, "the directors have arrived". If a deal is sealed by the DGA for it's upcoming contract negotiations, the pressure will surely increase dramatically for the WGA to follow suit. The next thing that has so many talking is the Late Night hosts have decided to return to the small screen in January regardless of the WGA strike efforts. This shows the support for the strike has eroded in some circles, specifically all those NOT part of Worldwide Pants (The Letterman owned production company). WWP has lined up an interim deal with the WGA to allow his writers to return to work. The other shows, Leno/O'Brian/Kimmel, all will be without WGA support at this time. The ratings have sloped to all time lows, and their long term future is apparently in jeapordy. I guess this would be the only reason to return while the strike is still on.

The best source for strike information, Deadline Hollywood Daily. I don't always agree with Nikki, but she gets all the info and lays it out there. She's totally on top of it, and she's the new industry trade as far as I'm concerned.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Please negotiate

The arrogance of the negotiating teams for the WGA and AMPTP is astounding. As I sit, almost all of my friends in the business of Television and Film Production have lost their jobs. A select few have found jobs on features that will carry them through the holidays, and perhaps the toughest part of the strike. The ripple effect is being felt throughout the community. My next door neighbor has seen a decline in business at his work place. There have been lay offs at restaurants around the studio sites due to no lunch and dinner crowds. Crew folk like myself are not shopping for the holidays. Charitable donations have all but ceased, food banks and toy drives are empty.

All this is from the greed of a very select few people who already stand to make a very good living from their job of choice, even with the previous contract. The new one, even if it's the one the the AMPTP would like to see, will certainly show some sort of increase in the average income of the ABOVE average salaries.

It's very true that many, if not most of the writers in the WGA do not make a substantial living from their efforts. The large part of the income is garnered by a select few individuals who have had the fortune of writing successful projects. But I must stress an earlier is a job of choice. No one is holding anyone down and forcing them to be a writer. For most, it is a vocation of passion, and art. And with any luck, you can make a buck.

But now...the entire industry is being held hostage by the negotiating team of the WGA. Pull yourselves together and go back to the table. Clean demands. Negotiating is not about demands, it's about give and take. Start over from the beginning and save our jobs.

Just my opinion....


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Jericho air date - 2/12

We have an air date! Season 2 of Jericho will begin on February 12 at 10pm. Our lead in show will be a new season of Big Brother.

The WGA strike has effectively shut down the fall season of TV shows. Nearly all shows have shut down, or are in the process of doing so at this point. It looks like a bleak holiday season if you are in our business. Since the talks have broken down, support for the striking writers is becoming more fragile. I expect that support to erode substantially as we head through the holidays. My hopes are high for a good WGA contract, but the price for that contract seems to be the jobs of so many.

It's up to the Jericho Rangers now. Get the word out. Let's get the viewers in front of the TV's. The ratings are more important now than ever. It's a whole new ball game to get a season 3.