Sunday, July 02, 2006

And the summer hiatus is ..... gone.

I will be starting a new series for CBS this fall, not returning to Medium as earlier reported. My crew and I will be joining the production of Jericho, airing on Wednesday nights. Patrick Martens will be joining me as boom operator and Jeff Zimmerman will be returning as sound utility. We start production on July 19.

Changing a couple of things on the cart, most noteably using a new Sound Devices 702T as my backup machine. The Fostex FR2 will be used for run rigs/special effects/ADR and wild lines. It will be nice to have a totally separate rig for these things, not having to strip anything from the main cart.

I need to post a new picture of the sound cart. I'll try and get that together before we start production. Prep will start right after the July 4th holiday.