Thursday, November 27, 2003

Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving. It's the holiday so we have a 4 day weekend! We wind up the show in a couple of weeks so I am making plans for the next upgrade to the "real" sound cart.

The new DEVA recorder will be the first on the top shelf. I have spent the last two TV seasons using a Fostex DV-40. Though we have had little problems with the Fostex, the jump to the portable (PD6) will be a tough sell. There is no hard drive on board, and this troubles me. That with the smaller format DVD-RAM drive (8cm) will make it a "no go" for me. The new DEVA seems to fit the bill for my needs, though the field tests have yet to be done.

I've had great performance from my 2 new Lectrosonic 411's this past season, so the upgrade to 6 units will happen in short order.

The new Sanken CS-1, short shotgun mic will also be on the test bench for me. I'll let you know how that turns out.

The new sound cart looks great, though a bit heavy. It was unavoidable with the new case system and magliner...we just need more space these days. With the added comfort of going completely wireless, I can stay a little farther away from the set. It allows me to have a bigger cart, and still stay out of the way.

Just rambling now so...have a Happy Holiday, and I'll write more later....

Monday, November 24, 2003

This is my first entry at the Sound Cart. We are in the final weeks of She Spies, Season 2. Episode 17 to be exact. Heading into Thanksgiving weekend.

Not too much to report, except that it's time to look for another show!

Wrap date for this season is set for December 15th!