Monday, April 28, 2008

finally got an iPhone

Many that work with me on a regular basis have been baffled as to why I hadn't jumped on the iPhone wagon. In fact, there might have even been a bet as to whether I would have one on day 1. Much to everyone's disbelief...I waited until about 2 weeks ago. My Treo finally bit the big one and re-booted one too many times on an important phone call. It hit the ground, no I didn't throw it, after a miss cue out of my pants pocket and exploded into many pieces. It was all I needed to go to the Apple Store and snatch up one of the 16G hunkies from the shelf.

Oh yea... Can't believe I waited as long as I did. Very cool interface. Haven't gone down the Jailbreak path, and not sure if I will. Not unhappy with the ATT service as I thought I would...I couldn't even talk in my own home with Verizon. I was happy to find that ATT has FULL bars in my casa!

Very happy so far.... Sa-weet.


Thursday, April 03, 2008


We've started Swingtown, back from the WGA strike. Production for the show began back on March 25 and we are already into our second episode since we kick back into production. Everything is going quite smoothly and we are all happy to be back to the grind. Swingtown will begin airing May 29 at 10pm. It's the slot right after CSI, so we are hopeful for a good carry over audience. The show is good, so all we need is viewers...

The new cart is working fantastic. Not much I'd like to change at this point as I'm still getting used to the design and footprint. We were out at Disney Ranch for a couple of days last week, so it had the rough ground test. It was really stable and performed just fine. Actually much better than my previous cart, which was a surprise. Very happy so far.