Monday, April 28, 2008

finally got an iPhone

Many that work with me on a regular basis have been baffled as to why I hadn't jumped on the iPhone wagon. In fact, there might have even been a bet as to whether I would have one on day 1. Much to everyone's disbelief...I waited until about 2 weeks ago. My Treo finally bit the big one and re-booted one too many times on an important phone call. It hit the ground, no I didn't throw it, after a miss cue out of my pants pocket and exploded into many pieces. It was all I needed to go to the Apple Store and snatch up one of the 16G hunkies from the shelf.

Oh yea... Can't believe I waited as long as I did. Very cool interface. Haven't gone down the Jailbreak path, and not sure if I will. Not unhappy with the ATT service as I thought I would...I couldn't even talk in my own home with Verizon. I was happy to find that ATT has FULL bars in my casa!

Very happy so far.... Sa-weet.



Christian Dolan said...

Hey, Phil.

Just found your blog the other day; really liked you post on your new sound cart.

I'm getting started as a freelance sound mixer in Portland, OR, and I also write a blog about sound-for-picture, which you can check out here:

I just posted about the photo spread on your sound cart. For folks (like me as well) who don't have the opportunity to apprentice under a veteran, this kind of info is very valuable. Keep it up! :)


Phillip W. Palmer said...

Thanks Christian. Much appreciated.

Brett did a great job building the cart, and helping with the design. We spent quite a while going over the details. Always a great project.

Thanks for the shout out on your blog.


rubberpoultry said...

Glad you finally joined the iphone faithful. You won't ever look back now.

I upgraded from a Treo too. Being a Mac junkie, I couldn't wait and bought one shortly after they came out. Then they lowered the price... just like apple to do that to an early adopter.

If only you'd waited, you could have gotten a 3G 2.0 phone for half the price... just like Apple to... well you know.



millonphoto said...

Congratulations! I looks great. I am shopping for a new cart at B&H and found one for about $1200 bucks, but never dreamed of constructing my own. I study yours a little more and continue my research and maybe I'll come up with something that works. Thanks for the help.