Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cart expansion plans

The change to the O1V96 console has opened up the possibility to do much more than ever before with a location sound cart. I've decided on a plan of expansion to move from an 8 track system to a 16 track system. Here's the rough details.

I will continue to use the AES card in the Yamaha O1V for the 8 channels of digital I/O, which is currently tracks 1-8 on the DEVA 5.8. My plan is to change my primary recorder to a DEVA 16, which will give me 16 tracks for recording. The second 8 input tracks will have to be analog. I will use the ADAT I/O and convert those to analog via a Metric Halo 2882.

Tracks 1-8 AES via Yamaha card
Tracks 9-16 Analog converted from ADAT via MH 2882

The routing in the O1V will be the same, Busses 1/2 for mix tracks and Direct Outs for each channel for iso tracks.

Also, in the plan will be adding 4 more wireless channels to the Venue Systems. This will make the wireless count to 12 on the cart.

I'm looking forward to this upgrade. It should be a fun project after we complete this season of Glee.