Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Jericho air date - 2/12

We have an air date! Season 2 of Jericho will begin on February 12 at 10pm. Our lead in show will be a new season of Big Brother.

The WGA strike has effectively shut down the fall season of TV shows. Nearly all shows have shut down, or are in the process of doing so at this point. It looks like a bleak holiday season if you are in our business. Since the talks have broken down, support for the striking writers is becoming more fragile. I expect that support to erode substantially as we head through the holidays. My hopes are high for a good WGA contract, but the price for that contract seems to be the jobs of so many.

It's up to the Jericho Rangers now. Get the word out. Let's get the viewers in front of the TV's. The ratings are more important now than ever. It's a whole new ball game to get a season 3.


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