Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Finally finishing the upgrade.

Okay, just about done with the cart re-build. A couple of things will be done, but it's just about ready to go.

Here is the cart just before we put the final patch and recorders onto the recorder deck.

Here is the rear panel with patch bays.

This is the front view with with all devices actually running. Computer is connected to both the MH unit via FireWire and the O1v via USB.

Closer view of the front from mix position. It should do.

Final prep and ready for the season will be next week.



Pische said...

Nice cart!

I feel like having to say hello and thank you for this blog and for having no secrets!
I'm watching Glee these days and, as a wannabe sound mixer, I was making myself a lot of questions about the sound of the show and I ran into this blog.
Thank you!

(I guessed the sound of mkh50 in the interiors!)

Phillip W. Palmer said...

Thanks very much. Good guess on the mic choice.