Wednesday, May 20, 2009

the day after

Last night Glee premiered to about 11 million viewers here in the US.  We're quite happy here in Gleeville, high fives all around.  There was much celebrating in New York this past weekend, with the cast appearing at the FOX upfront presentation.  Now the hard work must continue.

We are finishing up episode 8 of our 12 episode order.  After completing this episode, we will have 3 days of clean up photography to finish up all the odds and ends that we need to complete any previous episodes.  Before beginning episode 9, we will take a 9 day hiatus.  This will give the writers and the music folks a chance to get a little ahead of our production schedule.  

Congratulations to all at Glee for a job well done on the pilot.  Great reviews all around. Looking forward to the fall, and the additional episodes to follow.


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JackHenry said...

The stations here in Adelaide have just started to advertise the upcoming series Glee.