Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday on Glee

I'm so happy to be back on stage after an incredibly windy day in Long
Beach yesterday. We had some dialog on the football field, but mostly
we just got beat up by the wind. Then we moved into the auditorium
for a big musical number.

Today I'm hunkered down in my little corner of the McKinley High
School set on stage 15 at Paramount. Nice and cozy. Lots of playback
today...makes it fun to watch. Much more dialog recording later, so
I'm enjoying the break.

Lots of folks have been asking about the new Sennheiser A5000CP
antenna that I have started using. I'm very happy with it so far.
Been putting it through the paces and there seems to be quite a bit of
improvement over the shark fins. I hope Lectrosonics will enter the
game with their own version. The Sennheiser is quite expensive.

Phillip W. Palmer, CAS

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