Monday, December 08, 2008

Slow December

Yes, it's a slow December on the work front.  November wasn't too much better, just a few days here and there.  This time of year is always a bit slow if you're not already on a project.  Makes for a conservative Christmas...which seems proper this year anyway.

It is leaving me a bit of time to tune up the gear package a bit.  Some repairs, finishing out the truck, and cleaning the gear are keeping me busy this week.

The last show, Glee, had so much playback that we were able to dial in a nicely packed playback rig using Pro-Tools LE, JBL Eons, speaker/power snakes, and a horizontal Magliner.  It was such a good set-up, quick and easy, that we are dialing it in for future gigs.  We are hopeful that Glee will be picked up for series this spring.  Putting the rig to work on a regular job.  

Also, I will be putting some microphones up for sale very soon.  2 full Schoeps systems, including 2 CMC6, 2 CUT 1, 2 MK41, 1 MK4, Collet cable, and mounting hardware.  And 2 MKH70's with Rycote Systems.  Details soon.


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