Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Holidays to everyone

It's the day after Christmas here in Southern CA.  Christmas day was a rainy and cold one for those who stayed here in town.'s about freezing outside, Kathy had to scrape the ice off her car this morning.  Personally...I love it...  Weather is good.

I'm happy to report that Glee is green lit to go into full series production.  We did the pilot in November, and plan to join the series as well.  Very much looking forward to the show.  It's a both a challenge and quite fun to work on a musical.

Sent off a bunch of wireless to Lectro to get checked out and updated.  Moving some blocks around due to the new FCC laws.  I was going to wait and see...but the break in work allowed me to do the change without effect.  Adding a Venue system to the main cart.  Also considering the new Sennheiser Circularly Polarized Helical antennae for the main cart.  Always looking to better my wireless performance.

Let's hope SAG hears the voices of reason and does not go on strike.



Picklu's point said...

hey Phillip,
i'm from India and am just passing out of from my film school. Did a post graduate diploma in sound engineering. My interest lies in doing location sound but the scene isn't rosy over here. I just look around the net for posts like yours to know what you guys keep doing, and drool at the equipment you use. No cribbing, just keep chasing the dream, right!Anyway , best wishes!

Phillip W. Palmer said...

Hello Picklu. Congratulations on your post graduate degree. The scene probably isn't rosy, but that doesn't mean you can't jump in. Find the mixers in the area and offer your assistance. Learn how it is on the set, which may be a bit different than school. Enjoy the process. I still do.

Thanks for checking in.