Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Top of Sept

We've got about a month to go on Angels and Demons. Lots more to do...

Things have come to a slow halt in feature production in Los Angeles. Thanks to the fears of another strike, the production of movies has been effected this time around. Last year we saw TV production come to a crashing halt with the writers strike, then months of no production. Movies were not as impacted by that strike, as the scripts for most movies had been locked and put away. It was much more of a TV strike. This go around has been much different. SAG has not come to any agreement with the AMPTP, but no strike vote or lock out has occurred. It's basically a stalemate at this point. I think things are starting to pick back up, as the possibility of a strike has diminished.

The new truck is being fitted with shelving and metalwork. I should get it back from Brett next week. Really looking forward to that.

Next up will be a new utility cart... More on that later.

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Anonymous said... all you need are a set of polished Centerlines, and dump those stock wheels, and your set!
Nice Job! Tom R.