Sunday, August 10, 2008


Sorry for the long delay in posting... I get that way.

We finished up Swingtown right before the 4th of July. No news yet on a pick up or even a cancellation, so no news is good news at this point. The summer had one of the lowest amount of viewers in history I believe, so none of the shows got great ratings. We've yet to find out the decisions of CBS regarding the show's future.

Currently my crew and I, Patrick Martens on boom and Devendra Cleary as utility, are working on the 2nd unit of Angels and Demons for Columbia/Sony. We are just about mid way through filming and will complete in October. Very big show, wonderful actors and crew, lots of action...what can I say. It's been a great experience so far. Many thanks to my good friend Peter Devlin for bringing me on board.

The new truck should land next week (I hope). As soon as it arrives I'll start the interior prep and build, posting pictures along the way.

That's about it...



Justine said...

Hi Phillip, I really enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks. I would love to know how to get started in the film industry. Do most sound mixers start with the boom? I am great with sound on all levels, from SAE to film composing and would love to start working, or an internship, asap. I have lots of experience in studios but can't quite work out how to get into film. Do you have any advice? Should I just send my resume around? Get some particular start-up gear? If low budget is the way, then what should I provide as a sound mixer? Would foley be a better path? Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Justine

Phillip W. Palmer said...

Hello Justine. Thanks for reading the blog. I never really know if anyone actually reads it. Nice to see it gets some attention.

It's tough to get started in the business, as getting to know the people is really the only way to get in. If you are interested in sound recording for film/TV/commercials etc, then the best source and brain trust would have to be Jeff Wexler's website and sound message board. It's a great site for all things production sound. Here's the web address:

Many mixers start as boom operator or, as in my case, Sound Utility. Which I still consider one of the best jobs in Hollywood. The Sound Utility position is the support position for both the boom operator and the mixer. And often is used for 2nd boom, as is the case quite frequently on my shows. Many mixers jump right in and start mixing low budget features or reality shows and get their wheels that way.

Studio experience is very valuable, and will come in very handy in many situations...but the differences in our end of the business becomes very clear the moment you come to the set. It's not the comfy interior of a recording studio where we usually end up recording. It's frequently a battle of the elements and noise that fill our days.

I would hold off in getting any start up gear until you know exactly what you want to do. The gear is expensive, and frequently you may be hired by people that already own everything.

Try making some set visits. Find the mixers that may be working near where you live and get in touch with them. Observe and learn, that's what we all did and still do.

I think CAS is starting a mentoring program soon, so you might want to check with the Cinema Audio Society.

Good luck!

Pyrofx said...

Phil, glad to see you are alive and well. Seems you are keeping busy which is great for anyone in the film/TV production biz.

Building a new cart looks to be a challenging yet fun exercise. I know it will come out great. Remember all the crazy stuff that was always in progress in the conference room. I don't think anyone was happy unless they were surrounded with parts, screws or cables.

I was out in LA for the ESPN X Games in the NASA booth but didn't have time to set up a visit or do lunch. Weather was fantastic, at least for someone from Dallas where the temps were in the 105's at the time. Did experience my first earthquake within an hour of landing at LAX!

Take care and say hi to Kathy!


P.S. Nice to see your blogging, at least we can see what your up to.

Phillip W. Palmer said...

Hey Ken! Sorry we missed you at the X-Games. Perhaps on the next visit. We owe you lunch this time.

I'm glad to see (and read) that people actually find my blog on the easy feat.

The weather has been pretty pleasant this summer, not too hot. Glad you were hear during one of the cooler days. And got the earthquake! What a bonus.

Stay tuned for the new Sound Truck. We're working on the shelving and gear now.

Best to everyone back in Big D.