Monday, August 27, 2007

Jericho season 2.....halfway

This past Friday marked our halfway point in production of season 2. Sadly we have only 7 episodes to film this season, but all of us hope that these will lead to a longer and full season 3 next year.

Friday we were out at the Farm once again. The dust and seemed more than usual...not too sure why. Maybe the water trucks weren't running full steam or something.

Our director for this episode has been Steve Gomer. Steve directed one of our best episodes from last season, "Heart of Winter". At least this episode doesn't have the wind, snow and cold weather we endured for his last season.

Cheers to Jon Turtletaub, Karim Zreik and Dan Shotz for signing their deal with CBS/Paramount for more TV projects in the future.



terocious said...

One of the first things I noticed about Jericho was the sound. Thank you for the excellent work that you and your team accomplish under some pretty difficult cicumstances.

Phillip W. Palmer said...

Thank you for the kind words. We put in some hard work trying to dig the words out.

The dialog is my only part in the equation. In the final mix we have all the foley, music and sound effects.

Thanks again, and keep watching the show...let's get another season!


Anonymous said...

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