Sunday, August 05, 2007

interview on Jericho Monster

Here's a link to an interview with me on the blog Jericho Monster:




SaveJake said...

I saw your interview today at Jericho Monster. It was great and again I thank you.
Of course I had to come here to check your site which she was kind enough to post a link to!!!
You're on my favorites list now...!

anton37 said...

Thanks to you Phillip and all of the crew for the hours you put in to bring Jericho to all of us.

I'm overjoyed to have Jericho back and hopefully all of you don't have any hard feelings that we're making you work so hard! :)

Phillip W. Palmer said...

No problem on the hours. It's a pretty normal TV schedule.

The interview was my first. Kind of nice to give a look behind the camera. There's a lot going on.