Sunday, July 29, 2007

Jericho begins

Still have no idea if anyone ever reads this thing...

We started photography for Season 2 of Jericho this past week.  Lots of changes in the crew, as many left for other shows at the notice of cancellation.  We have an entirely different Camera, Grip and Electric department.  The show is looking great and we have some great stories developing for the fans that brought us back.  We hope they are as excited as we are.

This past week found the crew deep in a ravine, yet again.  Very rough terrain with no real level ground.  My sound cart was doing okay, but I think it would have been a lot easier to just do the mini-rig that I have been thinking of building.  The mini-rig will consist of a SD 442, SD 744, 3 radios, and a Comtek transmitter all in a Petrol PEGZ1 bag.   So, I put the order in and should have it for our next trip down the rough road.

Here's something for our Jericho fans:


Jericho Saved said...

Wow!! Thanks for the picture and update. We are so glad you're all back working and we appreciate it so much. We are also grateful for the new Production Blog and for all the cast and crew. Hope you got a water bottle.
Thank you again.

Phillip W. Palmer said...

I did get a water bottle. Thanks!

And cheers to all those who helped bring us back.


CrochetLady said...

Hi Phillip,
Now that there is a link to your blog, it's great to see your comments. Must be a drag to do sound in a RAVINE! Would say the traditional "break a leg", but not sure it would be figurative, given the location you're working in! Ha, ha. Thanks for your comments and for the great picture of the Jericho flag. Thanks for your great work on Jericho. Good to have you guys back and welcome to the new folks on the crew.

Phillip W. Palmer said...

Thanks for checking out the blog. I honestly thought no one ever read the thing until today.

Recording sound on Jericho has been a challenge from the very start. I didn't do the pilot/1st episode, but everything since then. What a roller-coaster ride this has been.

I'll try and keep up the posts here, but can't give anything away... :)

Can't wait till we're back on the air.


Kay said...

So cool to hear how you work, making sure everything falls into place to make "Jericho" sound so good! We appreciate the effort of every crew member behind the scenes for their dedication to our favorite show. Looking forward to learning more!

Thanks for sharing this with all of us.

chucklut said...

Hi Phillip,

Thanks for your blog. Now that I know where it is I will check back often. I myself work in technology savvy but unrelated audio industry engineering and installing performance audio.

Honesty since working on the fan campaign to bring back Jericho, many of us have become closer to a TV show than ever before. Shaun OMac radio show allowed many of us to talk directly with the actors & producers. Many of the cast and crew left messages on the message boards.

Even Nina Tassler of CBS Entertainment offered a partnership with the fans to help promote the show.

This is seriously unprecedented in television.

Please keep up the good work, I'll be listening :)

Teresa Rothaar said...

I just read it! Greetings!

I will link to you from the Jericho Bulletin.

Rebecca said...

Whoops! You have been found. I'm enjoying your blog. I have a friend, who also happens to be a Jericho fan, who was an extra for National Treasure 2. I will be sure to forward your blog url to her as well.;)

Phillip W. Palmer said...

It's true...I have been found.

Can't wait to be back on the air. Keep up the fight Rangers. Thanks to all of you, we are making television history.

Best regards,

Srotramel said...

I just found your blog. It is great! Thanks for sharing with us. I will check back often for updates.

Kmac said...

I just found this! Thank you for keeping us up to date! That is so great!
Keep up the great work, and know that we all really appreciate all of the excellent work you have done!!!

delana201 said...

Thanks for the info. I didn't understand one word of the technical stuff but it's fun to get a peek behind the scenes. Appreciate the flag.