Saturday, March 13, 2004

Just finished week 3 of Species III. All in all I'm quite happy with the sound we have recorded on this project to date. The locations have been a nightmare for ambiance, but that's somewhat normal these days. Even on stage we have so much noise from fans, SFX, crew, and above everything...the cameras. I'll keep from that rant this time around.

I have to say, I've got a great sound crew. The Jeffs...Jeff Norton and Jeff Zimmerman are doing a great job. It is very comforting to know that all I really have to do is mix...everything else is taken care of.

We've got 2 weeks to go. The hardest location is coming up this week...we are shooting at the old power plant in Rodondo Beach. The final week is on stage.

Hopefully we'll know more about She Spies in the next week.

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