Sunday, August 08, 2010

First week with the new console

This was the ultimate test for me and the new O1v96 mixer. I practiced a bit off line, but there's nothing like the real thing. We started season 2 of Glee on July 28 and I jumped in with both feet, and the new mixer. At this point, I couldn't ever see going back to an analog mixer. Especially one that is limited to 8 input channels. The Cooper 208D is probably the best sounding mixer I have ever used and certainly owned. It performs flawlessly and is built like a tank. But for the show I'm currently doing, the flexibility of the digital mixer is paramount. I'm able to route any signal to just about anywhere, and with a little more practice I'll get faster at doing so. I've set up scenes so that if I get really twisted up, I can restore the console to my basic setup in about 5 seconds. The console sounds really good, and is really quiet. The computer interface is really useful, as I can see all the parameters in real time. I can also manipulate the mixer and it's many settings via the computer, as well as save out the console set up. I've already purchased my back up O1v96, and have it ready for the swap if anything goes awry. Yes, it's a power hog...but I can deal with that.

So far, I'm very happy with the Yamaha mixer. I'll post more info as I get deeper into the season.


Anonymous said...

I've been following your Yamaha adventures with interest, I'm glad it's working out so well. I'm a bit down the food chain as a mixer but I've done a similar upgrade to a Mackie 6120, not as many options but a huge improvement over the 1402 that I've used for years. The firewire out to Boomrecorder is working great, I just have to ramp up on the Aux in/out stuff that I never had much use for before. Keep us informed as you move along.
Many thanks,

Phillip W. Palmer said...

Thanks Jerry. I just posted a follow up.