Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cart clean up and overhaul

I haven't done all the wiring yet, but here is a preliminary look at what is shaping up. Had to do some modifications to shelves today. Hoping to have it wired up and testing audio tomorrow.


Eva said...

Hi this is Eva from Stockholm, Sweden "speaking" Sorry if my english is not so good;) Your sound cart, it looks impressing:) I work as a scriptsupervisor here in Sweden and have just finished a long tv-serie for this season. Are you still shooting/filming Glee? It´s an excellent serie!!! It´s very popular here. You´re doing a great job!!
Good luck,

Whitney said...

A thing of beauty and I am sure once you sell your cooper it should cover the costs of the upgrades. Would love a bunch of detailed close ups of the patch bay and rear of cart once your done. This looks like the best set up ever

Phillip W. Palmer said...

Thanks Eva and Whitney. Much appreciated. We are on hiatus from Glee until July, so it is time to do cleaning and upgrades.