Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Panel swap and cart overhaul

Well, it's been a couple if years. I've had time to really get to know and use my current cart configuration. Still, to this day the best set up I've put together. But my current show has taxed my mixing panel and it's routing and output ability. So, on our break between seasons of Glee...I will overhaul the interior rack of my cart and install a Yamaha 01v96 console in place of the current Cooper 206D. I am assembling all the materials and parts now, and the project will begin in about a month. I'll post before and after, as well as progress photos.


Zach said...

I'm interested to see how it goes. I'm in an audio post-production class at school and I'm curious to know how you deliver your files at the end of the day. Do you deliver individual tracks and a stereo mixdown? Just a mixdown? How much logging do you do on set, mic configurations, take info etc.? I'm in colorado and all this information seems to be a mystery here, and insight you can give would be amazing. Thanks again.

Phillip W. Palmer said...

Sorry, just realized that I never posted back to this comment.

I deliver my files every day on DVD-RAM, which is burned directly from my DEVA recorder's on-board drive. I record a mix track and iso tracks of whatever mics I may have used for that particular scene. For Glee, I do a 2 track mix. For reasons that are more complicated. The only thing that is actually in stereo, are crowd effects.

As for logging, I do a had written log for every take that includes the Scene, Take #, File ID, notes such as "airplane", and iso track layout. The sound report is a vital part of our daily routine. It is in 3 part NCR paper which goes to Production and Telecine. I also keep the last copy in case someone loses something.

Best of luck to you.