Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Support your local sound mixer

Watch Glee this week! The season premiere of Glee is Wednesday September 9 at 9p east and west, 8 central on FOX. If you liked the pilot, you'll love the series. My crew and I are very happy with our work on this one...it was a challenge and a pleasure.

Hope you enjoy it.


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leo d. said...

who makes the decision to use studio quality vocals during the singing part of GLEE?

to me, it ruins the scenes. i wish the actual sounds would be used. maybe cleaned up a little, but singing in an auditorium vs using the a studio track...

or, even start out with the natural sounds, then as the scene changes or an edit it made, switch to the studio track.

for example, in EP 2, where lea michele sings at the end, the song was great, her singing was great, but overall, the scene was disappointing.


please tell whoever is in charge.