Tuesday, July 21, 2009

3 booms, no waiting

Harsha Furst, Devendra Cleary and Patrick Martens. Episode 112/Glee.


Jack Henry said...

They seem to be cinela mounts on the booms. How do you like them??

Unknown said...

Could you describe when do you use the three booms? Do you use a boom per actor? Thanks.

Phillip W. Palmer said...

@Jack. Yes, love the Cinela mounts for interiors. The best mount I have ever used. Isolation from the boom is best ever experienced.

@Research. It's different for every set up. This particular situation had about 15 cast members with about 12 of them speaking. They were spread out in the room and we needed 3 booms to grab all the lines. We chose to go this route over multiple wires because we were able to get the booms in and it sounded so much better. The dialog was rather rapid, and it made for a much smoother mix.