Monday, October 06, 2008

Finishing Angels and Demons

We finish up Angels and Demons this week.  Actually 1st unit finished this past Friday, but we have 2 more days to shoot on 2nd unit.  It's been a great experience and we will miss the crew and production.  The movie should be great, so look for it next May.

No rest for the weary, as we start a pilot for Ryan Murphy beginning this coming Saturday.  We will quickly clean off the gear this week and begin filming this weekend.  It's a pilot that has a lot of local High School locations so we are filming a Wednesday through Saturday schedule for most of the show.  It's a pilot, so we will be done at the end of the month with only 3 and a half weeks of photography.

Brett is building my new follow/utility cart.  We should start seeing that in the coming weeks. It's about done with the main cart welding, pictures should be coming soon.



Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Hey, was wondering if you have any advise for young people getting into a career in production sound mixing, especially out in L.A.

I'm 24 and I do location sound out in NYC and have had financial success for the past year out here but would like to make a better living (more than 35-45K/year). I am looking into getting into the union out here, which has application periods twice a year, but I am thinking LA might be a better place to start a career. Is getting on set as a sound utility or some sort of an assistant a possibility out there if you have a resume and a good idea of what you're doing or is it more of a who you know and a little bit of luck thing.

Phillip W. Palmer said...

Both LA and NY are good places to start, it just depends on your connections at the time. If you have a bunch of NY contacts, it might be easier to get started there. You don't have to stay in one place forever...once things get rolling, you can move if you have the means.

Regarding the Utility position. It's a lot of both, who you know and what you know. If you can get yourself introduced to a few of the mixers in either area, LA or NY, and you can get in the are way ahead of the game. I have to place a good attitude and willingness to learn almost as high as ability in the beginning. If you have the capacity for the job, which some do and some don't, the skills will fill in. The personality and attitude are so important on the film/tv set.

Well, I hope this helps somewhat. Good luck to you and stick with it.