Monday, February 11, 2008

New Cart in production

I've decided to move on from my PSC modified sound cart, which has been my main recording cart (off and on) for 9 years. It has become somewhat unstable due to the amount of weight that it must support. I sit a little too high for my liking, causing me to hunch over when I get tired..which is everyday and my back hurts regularly.

The new design will be a Shock Rack based cart with a platform designed around a vertical Magliner. Brett Grant-Grierson is designing and building the platform. Hopefully we can have it completed before he heads back to work on Medium...which is a couple of weeks off.

I'm sourcing all the parts today and hopefully will have them to him by this evening. The cutting and welding will begin immediately. Pictures to follow...



Anonymous said...

Hope you are back at work soon Phillip, it would have been a worrying time with no income.

Fingers crossed you will be working on Season 3 for Jericho!!

Anonymous said...

would like to have up-date on your new cart.
I am about to get a cart and the maglone looks to be the one, waiting to see what you have put together, first

Phillip W. Palmer said...

It's all done. See a more recent post.

Lots of pictures here...