Monday, October 01, 2007

Wrap on Jericho season 2

That's it! We're done with principal photography on Jericho season 2, all 7 episodes. It was a crazy, long, and emotional last week of filming.

Thank you to everyone at Jericho and CBS for helping us out. And to all the fans for their support and dedication, which is why we came back for more.

It's rest time for me and my crew. We have about a month off before we embark on another project....more on that in another post.

Time to clean all the Jericho dust off of everything....

Tomorrow is the release of the Season 1 box set of Jericho. There is a lot there, behind the scenes, all the episodes, interviews, etc. Go pick it up... Thanks for listening.



terocious said...

Thank you for bringing us the sounds of Jericho. Here is hoping we can get you back on set for season three. I will continue to follow your audio adventures.


Phillip W. Palmer said...

Thanks so much for the support. We've given it our best shot. The 7 episode short season is very action packed. We hope everyone enjoys it, and more viewers tune in. After all, that's what the network really cares about. If we turn in some good numbers...perhaps we can continue the story. It's been fun...