Monday, May 15, 2006

Done...and done...

We finished up season 2 of Medium last Thursday night, with a rain scene on stage. Yes, that's saving the best (worst) for last. We made it through, knowing that summer vacation waited at the end of the shot.

I'd like to thank Jeff Norton and Jeff Zimmerman for their tireless work and constant support. They've stuck with it through my constant pressure to deliver the best sound we know how. Everone gets their money's worth...and then some! Also, there were some other players through the season that helped out: George Flores, Mike Piotrowski, Rocky Quiroz, Patrick Martens and Devendra Cleary jumped in when called on. And a big thank you to all those I might have missed...

Who knows what awaits for the next project. Medium has been picked up for another season...we'll just have to see if I'm invited.

Going to make some minor equipment changes, probably just a back-up recorder change. The Sound Devices 7 series HD recorders will have Firewire hosting completed soon. This will allow me to mirror record to DVD-RAM while on the cart, and not have to wait till the end of the day. A big help when the driver is standing there waiting for the sound to go to the lab.

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