Sunday, May 08, 2005

Three weeks left on the schedule and we are getting close. It's been a long run since January and everyone is looking forward to a break.

There are a few things that this show has done for my mixing abilities. Since we rarely, if at all, get rehearsals, the art of mixing on the fly has really become important. It's very interesting how, after a few months, you can get a feel for how actors will make their way through a scene...even if they have never done it together before. Jeff Norton had a great way of describing it: it's like getting out of the van every morning and jumping into a blender. A good analogy I think...

I've really put my crew and all of my equipment through a great amount of test and stress through the last 4+ months. We've changed how we do a lot of things...including the entire cart. I had to ditch the big magliner and go with my older, smaller and more agile PSC cart. Way to many moves and small locations to use a battleship like the Magliner as a sound cart. Now that I've gone to the PSC, though quite modified, I'll probably not go back to the Magliner again. Check out this link for pictures:

This coming week I will be giving the new FAT32 OS of the DEVA a good run through. Hopefully things will go well...I've been testing it all weekend.


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