Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year to everyone...still not sure if anyone ever reads this. It's New Years Day here in Southern California, and it's not all. In fact it looked like rain all day. We're in for another cycle of rain storms over the next week.

Starting to prep for Entourage tomorrow. They have moved the start date to Friday of next week, so I've got to get things going.

This Mac powerbook is really great. I find that I am on it much more than the PC, much more. When I do get on the PC, it just looks bad...I mean ugly. The Mac interface is so much more pleasant, easier on the eyes.

I've gotten into the chat thing so here are my screen names.
For iChat:
For Messenger:

Let me know when you're online...


John E. Walker said...

I'm reading this! Your blog reads like looking through a window to my potential future. I'm a recent grad aspiring to be a production sound mixer. I haven't actually met any professionals like you, and to glean information on this career is a challenge. Your blog is a diamond in the rough. Thanks for sharing, PWP.

Phillip W. Palmer said...

Thanks John. Wow this was an old post. Lots of updates since then. Thanks for reading.