Saturday, December 04, 2004

We took a bit of Thanksgiving break from Medium. Though I spent a few days of it working on Bewitched for David Macmillan. David was out wishes to him.

We are finishing up one more episode before the Christmas holiday break. The original schedule was to have us finish the season at the end of December, but we've gone over by a few weeks. I'll be moving on to do another project in January.

January will be the beginning of Season 2 of Entourage for HBO. Both Jeff Norton and Jeff Zimmerman will be helping me out on this one. We have a 14 show order, so we should be shooting till the end of March or so.

The new DEVA Vis working nicely, but with a few bugs. I would really like for it to at least do everything the DEVA 2 did...but that's not so yet. Whatever...

Been looking through a lot of blogs lately. I'm quite fond of a should sifting through them. Mush more interesting than plain old websites...

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11alfa said...

Hey Phillip,

I was wondering if Jeff Zimmerman is the same Jeff that used to race vintage Alfa Romeo's. If so I'm an old friend of his who would like to hey. Here's my email to pass on to him:

Oh, my name is paul Van Der Linden and tell him I once had a company called Vintage Prep.

Thanks, Paul