Thursday, September 05, 2013

I've added a drop down/fold over keyboard for control of the PIX260i.  Brett Grant-Grierson made this for me, as he has all my carts.  Nice work...

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Ok!  Well...pretty sad blogging on my part.  Here's a Season 5 Glee update....

We just started our new season and I've done quite a bit of re-jiggering of the cart.  Most notably, adding the Sound Devices PIX260i recorder into the rig.  I am using DANTE by Audinate as my interconnectivity between the Yamaha O1V96 and the PIX and DEVA.  I have replaced the AES card in the O1V with a DANTE card, giving me 16 channels of I/O over one CAT6 ethernet cable.  I am splitting out of the PIX with 8 channels of AES and 8 channels of analog to get into the DEVA16.  Both decks are recording redundant 16 channels from the Yamaha O1V.  The master TC clock for the both recorders is a new Denecke GR2.  The PIX can be controlled from either the deck directly or via a web interface called PIXNET, which you can see running on my laptop.  All parameters of the PIX are available via this interface.  I am running MovieSlate in my iPad, which handles all the sound reports.

I have also removed the Marshall analog video monitors and replaced them with a rack of 3 HD monitors made by TVLogic.  Wow, do these monitors look beautiful.

The rig has been running very nicely for 2 weeks now and I'm stoked to have moved into a different signal flow.  Something new always gets me excited.  Here is a picture of the new rig:

and the patch:

I'll try and be a little better at my posting...  Thanks for your continued support!

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

It's amazing... we are up to our 370th music production number on Glee. Episode 316 and counting. I never thought I'd do this much music in one show.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

CAS Parade of Sound Carts 10/15

This past Saturday we had our CAS sponsored Parade of Sound Carts at the Local 80 stage in Burbank, CA. What on overwhelming success and turnout of both participants and their gear, production mixers, boom operators and students. It warmed my heart to see such an event so dedicated to our craft of production sound recording on location. Once again it proved to me how specialized our craft is and how we each tailor our tools to our own way of doing business. Everyone had a great time and, I believe learned quite a bit. I know I took home a few ideas for my rig.

Thank you to all our participants and to all the CAS members and the Board of Directors for putting this event on. Paul Marshall, CAS deserves a big congratulations for organizing the seminar.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Glee Season 3

And so we begin Season 3. My crew for this go around will be pretty much the same, with the minor shuffle of Devendra Cleary moving to Playback only and Mitchell Gehbard coming in as Sound Utility for the full run of the show. Devendra will be spending his non playback days establishing himself as a mixer here in Los Angeles.

We start principal photography on Tuesday with our sound prep starting Monday. We pretty much stay ready, just some tweaking of the record and playback rigs. Looking forward to the new season and all it's challenges. I'll try and post as much as I can to give sound blog perspective of the season's activity.